Friday, 10 June 2011

im still new

hye!good morning,afternoon,and night .hehe..
its my first own blog..before this I didn't like to have a blogs,tumbler or something else..I know I still freshie right??I'm just expressing myself.actually I create my new accnt in blog because ma lecturer bell asked me and classmate create new blog for this subject..that time I'm feeling as blind as a bat because i hate to write!!I say again I hate it..especially she asked us to write in English.oh no!.u know my grammar very worst and what statement should I create here??by the way its my lesson.I should follow what she want.I know she doing this because she want her student excellent in writing.I guess so.but I will try my best for my own good.thank you lecturer.since now I still didn't know what her name..when one of my classmate asked her name,she did not gave her name but she gave something symbol that i never seem it.It looked weird u know like Francis words.she asked to search what that symbols means,so we can know what her name.if u want to know for the first she came to class I very shocked that time because she look like student.she quite pretty n cute la.seriously I like her style pronunciation and everything.